Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thank You, America

Thank you, America. I don't think many of you realize just how much the rest of the world was watching this election and how obvious the choice seemed to everyone else. Not that you should ever listen to people from other countries when exercising your own democracy, but I promise you, the rest of the world is loving you right now. I feel proud to be situated next to you.

I posted this in the comments section over at Tracy's blog yesterday, but I'll repeat it here. Aaron and I watched Guess Who's Coming To Dinner a couple of months ago, and we were really struck by one scene. Sidney Poitier was talking to one of the parents (I forget which one), discussing the pitfalls of having mixed race children. Poitier admitted that he was worried, but that "Joey thinks they can all be President Of The United States." It seemed so naive, so impossible... and that was the point. Barack Obama was seven years old when that movie was made. Today, forty years after Guess Who's Coming To Dinner was released, Barack Obama is the president-elect of the United States.

But it's not just about a person of colour becoming the leader of the free world (though, that is an amazing and inspirational thing). It's about hope winning over fear. It's about a nation stepping out of the status quo and being brave enough to try something new. It's about the end of apathy and a phenomenal voter turn-out. I was so moved by the images of all the people at Grant Park because it is so rare that you see so many people on the news being so purely happy.

Okay, that's it for the politics around here, but this is so important and so joyful that I've got to speak my mind. If you're lurking around, feel free to comment because even as a Canadian, I feel like this is a time for everyone to experience this together.

Oh, and I chose the above photo because somehow it encapsulates how I'm feeling about the world right now. And it's pretty.


Beth said...

I was initially sad at how excited we Canadians were about the American election vs how apathetic we just were about our own!

Where is our Obama? I know our situation is nowhere near as grim as theirs has been for years now, but I found myself wishing we had some fresh, inspiring politics happening. Some dynamic leadership. Young and hip candidates talking about the important stuff and MEANING it.

But now I am celebrating their victory wholeheartedly because I suddenly realized their new government can put the pressure on our same old "we elected them again?" government.

It really is inspiring and I am thrilled for the world.

sam lamb said...

You nailed it - the feeling of hope was overwhelming. I heart America.

Wendy said...

Not only did I vote for Obama, but I went door to door as well. We also gave his campaign a decent chunk of money. The funny thing is that my man is Canadian and can't vote, but he was the one writing the checks. I think that's why we ended up giving so much.

I found your blog from Flickr. Loving what I'm seeing.