Monday, November 10, 2008

I Want To Suck Your Blood...

Okay, I'll admit it, I've been quietly trying to blog every day in November (with the exception of Sundays... a girl needs a day of rest). Hence all the book talk. I didn't really want to go here, but I felt compelled to talk about what consumed me this weekend.

I caved. I read Twilight. Usually I don't go for these super-popular young adult titles (well, I did read all the Gossip Girl books), but I haven't been able to finish an actual adult novel since I had Henry, and YA books definitely work while breastfeeding. So I started Twilight, also because I have a soft spot for sexy vampire books (see Rice, Anne). I know that there's been a lot of debate over whether or not these books are actually good, and I do have a lot of problems with some of the book (too long, I didn't actually like the protagonist very much, the dialogue was stiff), but I read the whole thing in two days, which believe me, is a feat for a mommy. I was so drawn in that I'm dying to see the movie later this month (even though the trailer looks kind of terrible). Any other Twilight readers out there? Please discuss. Thank you.


cara lou said...

I am reluctantly obsessed with these books, I must admit. I dislike many things about them, but I just can't get over it, all the same. There is something about that world that sucks you in.

I'm really excited about the movie, but yeah, some scenes I've seen are embarassingly cheesy. I'm just hoping that overall it ends up being fun and not too horrible.

I read these books exactly a year ago, right after my baby was born. I had A LOT of sitting-around-nursing time. I will not disclose how many times I've read each book. :) But I'll always have a soft spot for them because of that magically time of my life they are now linked to.

I would like to get more in-deph about the debates surrounding this book but am typing with one hand while nursing. It's slow going. I look forward to reading some other peoples' thoughts though!

Girl Land said...

I am also reaallllly obsessed with these books. Like, I am disgusted with myself, yet I cannot squelch my compulsion to talk about them!!! Eek!! I'm 33 years old, fer cryin' out loud (also a Mumma).

The thing that cracks me up is I was also resisting them (the whole Harry Potter thing, for example, I just didn't get). Now I can't stop making people read it. Have already recruited 4 of my friends to read and now we're taking the afternoon of the 21st off work.

Books are way melodramatic. The part in the movie where she jumps on his back-- dorky enough in the book, but in "real life"??? That being said...I frigging cannot wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watch the damn trailer like every other day. WTH????

Anywho, all that being said, you aren't alone. Also downloaded the soundtrack. Besides the horrible Linkin Park song, it's surprisingly good!!!! Would highly (and sheepishly) recommend. xo :)

Girl Land said...

Oh, and have you watched True Blood on HBO??? Twilight-esque but with a lot of raunchy sex. Good stuff. :)

Kate said...

um. Yes. Me too. So many people I knew kept on recommending the Twilight series to me that I actually went online and bought the first 2 in the series. When they arrived 2 weeks ago I devoured them. Even though the writing is not awesome, and the character develeopment is questionable (just why does Belle need to be so clumsy?), it sucked me right in.

So now I have to figure out a way to go see the movie without my giant nursing baby.

Elizabeth said...

Ha ha... I'm trying to figure out how to sneak out and see the movie too.

I think I'm going to go ahead and continue reading the rest of the series. I do miss reading the first one, even though it was only in my life for two days.

And Girl Land, I haven't seen True Blood! HBO just came to Canada, but we pay enough in cable bills without adding specialty movie channels. I'll have to wait for the DVDs...

Thanks for the input, ladies.