Thursday, January 08, 2009

Admiring The Knits Of Others: Holiday Edition

My own knitting has come to a pathetic slow-down over the last year or so, but our house was blessed with some knitted goods over the holidays. I honestly don't think anyone appreciates a knitted gift as much as another knitter. I love the three items on this page and honestly believe they're all worthy of slipping into the family heirloom category (which reminds me -- I have some actual family heirloom knits to show you -- another post).

A package arrived from our dear friends Josh and Joanna earlier this week and it was a very sweet new year's surprise. Jo is a great knitter -- a true master of the sock. She's also an amazing horticulturalist, but that's another story. Anyway, she sent the little doll decoration that you see at the top of the page (knitting and felting! I'm impressed!) to Ruby and a lovely pair of long booties for Henry. So cute.

And speaking of wee Henry, his Nana (Leena) knit him this gorgeous sweater. It's so cute. With the seed-stitch yoke and the pockets it's like a little woolen jean jacket. Cozy and cute, perfect for my little man.

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