Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello, 2009

Happy new year! My new camera still isn't here, so I haven't been able to make a Christmas-fun montage, but I felt it my duty to stop by and do a Hello 2009 post. 2009, can you believe it? It seems like the '90s just ended. I'm starting to understand how the Boomers felt about the '60s when I was a teenager. I feel very old this morning, friends (and I'm only 33!).

Anyway, I have some resolutions for the year... of the crafty variety (on top of the personal ones: more exercise, less sweets, finally get around to dying my hair, yell at the kids less, recycle more carefully, be nicer to Aaron... you know). But yes, I have big crafty plans.

1. Finish. Yes, I need to do a better job of finishing what I've started. Lap quilt for Henry? It's needed binding for about six months now. Knitted baby book? One page to go. Second pair of baby socks? Don't ask.

2. Better my skills. Okay, so I have this fantasy/plan. I have a big stack of craft books, full of projects I want to try. I've been marking the pages and I really want to tackle as many as possible, so that I can better those skills. Plus, I'd end up with a pile of finished projects that I could give away as gifts. Once those skills are honed, I can design more projects of my own and finally open that etsy shop I've been dreaming of.

3. Give more handmade gifts. See #2.

4. Knit more in the evening. Idle hands are the tool of the devil, they say. If I'm sitting around watching DVD episodes of The Wire non-stop, I may as well have a scarf or pair of socks on the needles.

5. Make the things I need. Mittens for the baby, throw cushions for the couch, here I come.

6. Recycle and use what I have. Can I do 1-5 while buying almost no new craft supplies this year. Watch me.

So yes, these are my lofty plans. Please don't direct me to this post three months from now when I announce that I've just bought $200 worth of new yarn and have no plans to actually ever use it. Until then, happy new year to all. I hope 2009 treats you right.

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My Love is..... said...

happy new year. great list it could be mine especially 1,4 and 5. good luck with your resolutions.