Monday, January 26, 2009

Booze Cake!

When I saw this recipe over at Orangette, I was immediately drawn. I'm not sure why -- while ever single recipe that I've borrowed from Molly has been delicious (her simple chickpea salad is so genius, I can't believe it), I'm not much of a whiskey drinker. But, she swore it was awesome, and it is.

I asked Aaron to pick up some bourbon, and he came home with Jack Daniels (which, as the small print on the label will tell you, is a Tennessee whiskey, not a bourbon), but it worked out just fine. Plus, there's some novelty in cooking with JD... I kind of imagined that I was Slash's housewife or something. Anyway, making it was a bit of a comedy of errors -- at one point I accidentally dropped an egg, shell and all, into the stand mixer as it was beating, and later, a metal measuring cup. It also looks less than perfect, because I arrogantly didn't grease my silicon cake pan, so a good portion of the thing stuck.

But, delicious it is. I served it at a wine tasting party (believe me, not as snooty as it sounds) and it was loved by all (except the kids, who were stuck with a pan of Martha Stewart double chocolate brownies, which were also pretty freaking good). The world is better with chocolate, I tell ya. And sometimes, chocolate and Jack Daniels.

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