Monday, January 05, 2009

Oh, I'm a sucker for some reminiscing, that's for sure. I borrowed this idea from Sam, who borrowed it from a couple other people. The idea is to take the first line from the first post of your blog from each month in 2008. Not all of mine make sense, but they do paint a picture of a woman who has little time to think about anything but her children. Or, if you're a glass half full person, a woman who loves to think about her children. Yes.

January: Not much to post about today -- everyone in these parts is sick, sick, sick (except Ruby -- big knock on wood).

February: Despite the growing popularity of the name Ruby, I didn't choose it for my little gal because it's now and hip, or because it appears in so many songs (though, with the exception of that Kaiser Chiefs song, most Ruby songs are way too sad to name a kid after -- though I will note, she was born on a Tuesday).

March: Thanks to everyone who gave me some good vibes about the pregnancy, either here or through private email, I think I'm finally accepting that I may have daily contractions for weeks to come.

April: No, I haven't been spending the early weeks with my new son making curtains.

May: Seven weeks. We're seven weeks into being a family of four.

June: Ruby likes dolls. She always has.

July: Faithful readers already know that I went pretty nutty when the English versions of the Aranzi Aronzo books started coming out.

August: Back from vacation.

September: As a treat for being such a good girl in the car, we bought Ruby one of those Fisher-Price kids' digital cameras.

October: Did you know that there's a Marimekko store in Vancouver?

November: There are some sad sad faces in our house.

December: I wanted to try to post as much as possible in November, I really did.

Oh, and in order to fully enjoy my new camera, I decided to do the 365 thing this year (well, actually 362, because of the delay in getting said camera). I know there are a bazillion groups for this, but I'm posting at this one. As directed by Meg.

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sam lamb said...

I love that the lines are about the kids - it's precious in the glass-half-full way!

And thanks for the link to Meg's blog. Makes me want to paint a room aqua.

Happy New Year to all you guys! Can't to see you in the spring!