Thursday, February 19, 2009

Judging A Book By The Shelf

My favourite thing about looking through candid photos, old or new, is looking at the details. What dishes were on the table at my Grandparents early dinner parties? What did the wine bottle labels look like at my parents' 1983 New Years Party? What was on the newspaper sitting on the side table in the hospital the day Ruby was born?

I think the things we have lying around tell more about us than our faces in snapshots and I think books are always a good indicator of where a person's head is at a particular time and place. Aaron and I both have little side tables beside our bed and I often laugh at the difference between the books that are on his side vs. those on mine. I think we're generally a good fit, but the contrast between my love of bad pop culture and his more serious political interests are particularly illustrated by our bedtime reading material.

As you can see from the top picture, I have an indie-rock bio, a collection of '90s music journalism, some novels (one good, one quite crappy) and, uh, Stephanie Meyers. Aaron has a bio of Hunter S. Thompson, a book about Libertarianism, The Tipping Point, and, for some reason, a map of London. I think it's particularly funny that my Twilight sequel and his Radicals for Capitalism are in the same spot on the pictures.

Oh, and here's Ruby's bookcase. I don't know if you can see how many princess books are on there, but that's an indication of where she is these days.


Tammie said...

Ruby's bookcase is much like my daughters bookcase. I recognize a lot of those books. Oh, and there are way too many princess books here too.

sam lamb said...

what a funny idea - though the girls win in our house. sadie and i have towers of books all over our rooms, but jay has only one thing: a remote. oh, and a place to put his glasses.