Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love To Love You, Baby

We took an impromptu trip up to Edmonton to celebrate the Valentine's/Family Day weekend. You know, Edmonton gets its knocks down here in Calgary, but I gotta say, we had a ton of fun. First up, we stayed at the Hotel Macdonald, which is beyond luxurious. I've been in a lot of Fairmont hotels for visits, lunch, and sometimes even interviews, but I've never actually stayed in one. What an amazing brand they have. Expensive, usually, but we got a great deal and it was really fun to live the high life. Plus there were loads of weddings going on because of the romantic calendar date, so the hotel was full of great energy.

We also took the kids to the World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall, which was so much fun. It was made all the better by the fact that the mall also houses the only Anthropologie in Western Canada (I only allowed myself to shop off the sale rack). We rounded our trip out by a visit to the brand new Art Gallery of Alberta, which is frickin' amazing. Seriously — the exhibits are decent and they really go the extra mile to get the whole family interested in art. The featured exhibit for winter/spring is Degas sculptures, so they had ballet dancing and batik making for the kids. Ruby had a blast. I highly recommend that anyone in Alberta try to make it to Edmonton to check out the gallery, especially for the All-Day Sundays, when they have free crafts and such. Ruby and I made the pendant and card above as part of their Vintage Valentine activity. Fun!

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