Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Magically Revolting

From top to bottom: Shrimp Cucumber Diadem, Wiener Tiara, Macaroni Loaf

This weekend we threw a Nostalgic Nosh party, where all participants had to cook a dish or two from a vintage cookbook. It was really fun (perhaps the cocktails that Aaron was pouring helped on that front), and for the most part, the food was... well, edible. I made the Diadem (a double layered jelly salad with the top layer being gelatin flavoured with chicken broth and onion with shrimp, and the bottom being cucumber, lime jello, mayo and sour cream), the Wiener Tiara (with a orange-flavoured Stove Top Stuffing centre) and a Lime Angel Pouf Pie (not pictured). I had to include this Macaroni Loaf that my friend Jane made because it is so beautiful.

Does the Diadem look gross to you? Well, it was. Everyone tried some, and some people said it was okay, neither Aaron nor I needed to be that polite and we admitted that it was disgusting. Sometimes recipes should stay in the vault. With that said, next time I'm trying the jellied corned beef/potato salad diadem. It has horseradish!

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cara lou said...

Oh. Wow. All of that looks horrendous. But sounds like a lot of fun! I may have to steal this idea! :D