Friday, February 05, 2010

Paper Hearts

I will not lie -- it has not been a great week in these parts. Ruby's birthday weekend was a blur that ended in us all becoming sick and tired -- both figuratively and literally. The kids and I have lost patience with each other and the times friends, have not been fun. But we did manage to pull off a fun V-Day craft.

For Valentine's, Ruby's class decided to turn their playhouse into a restaurant, but Ruby was dismayed that the restaurant didn't feature any "beautiful decorations." So she suggested that we paint some paper, cut out some hearts and string them together. So we did. We started by painting:

And then cut the painting into hearts. I simply ran them together through the sewing machine and had an instant garland. Easy peasy. It did hurt a bit to cut up the painting because it's so awesome, and it also hurt to hand it over to her teacher, because I kind of wanted to keep it. And I'm understanding how so many blogger types go garland crazy, because garlands are pretty boss. I really want to make a fabric Valentine's garland, but am far too exhausted.

Oh, and have you heard about the Blog Aid cookbook for Haiti? There's more info on that here. It looks totally awesome and I can hardly wait to find mine in the mail. Because, like garlands, a girl can never have too many recipes.

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