Sunday, January 29, 2006

Best Friends Forever

What you see here is my Birdie Blue Blythe (right) hanging with her best girlfriend French Trench Blythe. My friend Lauren came by today to give Ruby her birthday present (in two days my little peapod will be a toddler!) and brought her Blythe to hang out and have some tea and lemon pie. You can see a bit of the fabric of the gift in the bottom right corner of the picture -- it's a beautiful spring coat in a pink and cream butterfly motif. Very chic.

And yes, that is the beginnings of a Spherey that you see there next to Blythe. I've been working hard on a little plush gift for a soon to be born baby. Just finished the arms tonight, I'll show you the whole thing once he's done. I'm also almost done FEFI, I just have to seam the arms and do the button band. Though, I gotta tell ya, I'm not digging the neck line. I've already ripped it back and omitted a few of the rows, but I've noticed on some other people's finished FEFIs that the neck tends to reach upwards into a sort of cone. Hopefully some blocking will remedy the problem. Has anyone else had neck issues with this pattern?

1 comment:

carrie said...

ooh, i want a jacket in that pattern! and the blythes look so content together.

i have a legless spherey as well. so sad!