Thursday, January 12, 2006


I've been knitting all evening and will post photos of my progress tomorrow, but as promised, here's a picture of Ruby with the beautiful handmade gift that her Auntie Daniella made her for Christmas. Daniella made the punk rock monster doll to Roo's right. She hand sew it out of her old punk rock t-shirts and used buttons from her girlfriend Erin's late mother's button collection for the face. As a special touch, she added star and heart tattoos on the wrists, in the same place her own tattoos are. Daniella's not much of a domestic goddess, and she really put her whole big heart into this project (it took her months). It makes me cry to even think about it.

The other doll is one that Aaron bought for Ruby at a craft fair earlier this year. She's made by Monster Factory and her name is Patti.

And yes, I'm aware that Ruby's feet look giant in this photo. She's wearing new sheep skin-lined wool slippers that she got for Xmas from her new boyfriend Ryson. He's seven months old and totally adorable.

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mamaloo said...

Te robot is particularly cool. And I'm not saying that because I particularly love robots!.

And, yes, the first thing I thought when looking at that foto was that foreshortening was doing nothing for Ruby's feet.