Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oh yes, I'm a housewife!

Just in case you didn't already think I was a dork of tremendous proportions, I called a radio call-in show today. On public radio. No, I'm not 85. Or a shut in. Or a particularly bored housewife... or so I thought.

For those of you living outside of Canada, our nation is facing an election later this month. None of the players are particularly savory -- we've got the current Prime Minister (who's a bit of a wimp), the Conservative forerunner (who believes the exact opposite of everything I hold dear, plus he's got a really creepy little smile), the Guy I Usually Vote For (a lefty who's coming off a bit like a used car salesman this time around) and the French Separatist (who I couldn't vote for even if I wanted -- though I did meet him once and he's more charming than you'd ever believe). Anyway, I've been itching to call in on a variety of subjects over the past month or so and today I caved.

The Alberta afternoon show was doing a simulcast with the Ontario afternoon show on the gap between the typically Conservative voters in Alberta and the Ontario Liberals. Being a transplanted Albertan in Ontario, I felt the urge and I couldn't stop myself. After being on hold for 45 minutes, I finally got my big chance. And two seconds before I was about to go on, Ruby started screaming.

So, I started breastfeeding, and I felt self-conscious the whole time I was on the radio, not able to come off like my usual articulate self. Damn.

On the knitting front, I'm taking a break from Kate and doing the Fairly Easy Fair Isle sleeves. I'm doing them both at once and have already done two rows in a row on the same sleeve because Ruby's wakefulness in the evening has been getting me up and down during my usual knitting hours. It's like she's an infant again, except without the naps. Phew.

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Sarah said...

hey there,

i concur 100% on your characterizations of the candidates. it's a shame about jack's salesman-y ways, but i still trust him and he's got my vote.

so, guess what? my husband is a transplanted albertan in TO. i gave alberta (edmonton) a shot for a year and a half but i missed my home province. thankfully, he's liking it so far too.

i'm amazed at your ability to breastfeed and talk to CBC simulataneously. talk about the juggling demands of motherhood!

FYI--i'm a crafty novice and my blog is mainly about infertility woes. but i did just have my first knitting lesson at the knit cafe last night and i know i'll be back!

really like your blog.