Friday, January 06, 2006

Kate: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cat

So, Kate is turning out to be a really quick knit. Last night I managed to stuff the torso, knit the head, embroider the face (er, twice) and finish the main piece off all in a little over an hour (didn't have much free time last night due to the fact that Miss Ruby has earned herself three new teeth in the past six days and hasn't been sleeping well). Here's the earless, limbless kitty Kate, knitted up in Cascade 220, which I procured from Knit One, Chat Two in Calgary with last year's Xmas gift certificate. I'm definitely digging Jess Hutch's style -- the increases are masterfully placed and really create a lovely shape. I'm not too happy with my embroidery placement though -- I've been noticing on other blogs that almost everyone is putting the face a little too high and I desperately tried to get it as low as I was comfortable with it, to avoid the same problem. Still, it's far too high, and after redoing it after a failed attempt to make the cat smile, I decided to let it lay where it is.

As promised, here's a picture of Ruby in one of her Xmas gifts -- a T-shirt stencilled by her Auntie Erin. The picture is of Erin's Aunt, holding a bottle of milk. I love the way Ruby looks in it -- with her little jeans, she looks like a mini teenager.


samlamb said...

I like where the face is! I think you've inspired me to get Jess' pattern book. Plus, I wanted to tell you that the question mark sweater is great (blogger was acting like a toddler when I tried) - I can't wait to see Ruby in it!

petulant said...

I think Kate looks adorable there without the arms & legs!

elizabooth said...

Thanks guys. You know, I have been half considering not doing the arms and legs -- I've given Ruby a preview of her Kate and she quite likes playing with it as is. I'm also being lazy though, and have only completed a single ear since posting the last Kate picture. So, we'll see what happens.