Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Nana does a mean intarsia

As promised, here are some photos of Ruby's most excellent Xmas gifts from her Nana. Leena knitted her a beautiful sweater and a little dress (which, if it doesn't fit in the summer, can double as a tunic). I chose the sweater last summer when I was pregnant. Leena was knitting the baby who would become Ruby an amazing blanket and had a little booklet that went with the yarn she was using (it's a cotton made by some local yarn company). I didn't want to chose something gender specific, so I asked for this question mark sweater, mainly because I thought it was so weird. I dig the little penguin buttons.

The dress is from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits For Tots. Leena got the pattern from my copy of the book, which I got for Christmas from my Mom last year. No, I haven't made anything for Ruby from the book myself, though I do covet the pirate sweater -- I want to make it in pink and black.

As for my own knitting these days, I've finished the bottom half of the body (in Lamb's Pride chocolate souffle) of my Fairly Easy Fair Isle and I've also got a good chunk done of Kate's lower torso (in pink and mauve Cascade 220). More pictures (plus some more Ruby gifts) in the days to come.

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