Wednesday, January 18, 2006

That girl

People have been asking about my Blythe doll -- here she is (well, the manufacturer's portrait, I'm too lazy to take a photo of her myself). She's part of the new Japanese line of Blythes and her name is Birdie Blue. Aaron bought her from Magic Pony, a really great import toy shop/gallery here in Toronto that's owned by some friends of friends. They do mail order -- check them out at

So, I have something I have to confess. Although I find celeb chef Rachel Ray totally crass and annoying, I'm obsessed with her recipes. I got her 365 No Repeats book for Xmas (yes, I actually asked for it) and I've cooked from it almost every night of 2006. The meals are, for the most part, easy, inexpensive and delicious. She tends to go a little too heavy on the southwestern flavours (waaay too much jalapino and cumin) and the meals are a little meat heavy and not very low-cal (loads of cheese), but I like the idea of surprising Aaron with a totally new recipe every night. Last night it was Meatloaf Patties with Maple Pecan Green Beans and it was beyond delicious. Is it wrong for me to let Rachel Ray so intimately into my life?

Man, I need to start working again. This housewife thing is turning me into a person that I barely recognize sometimes.


Erin said...

Thanks for posting her--she's lovely! I think I found a new obsession! ;)

Isabella said...

I'm a closet Rachael Ray fan, too. I've actually never tried her cookbook, but I find her completely fascinating to watch. I'm not sure if it's the ear to ear grin, or the way she can eat and talk at the same time.


elizabooth said...

Oh, you should try the recipes! About 75 per cent of the ones I've tried are delicious. But they most certainly do not take 30 minutes to make and my goodness that women loves her cheese and heavy cream. And she doesn't often see the need to include a veggie in her meals. And a large number of the 365 recipes are burgers, which I don't think should really count, when it's essentially just the toppings that are being changed. Okay, enough ranting.

carrie said...

i really want a blythe doll! they are so lovely, and so hard to find.

i can't wait until i have a regular schedule again so that i can COOK. (i now cook at, like, 11 a.m., which takes the fun out of it.)

Bridgermama said...

Ok got this cookbook from my ma-in-law for Christmas and thought it was another I-hate-my-daughter-in-law-gift. Good to know it doesn't suck. ;)

the knitrider said...

hey thanks for all your encouragement on lucky! im happy its not too tight as well. i hope you get to knit it one day, seeing as it was a pretty fun knit for me. i really like your blythe, shes perty! ive never seen rachael rays recipes but ive heard about her. the only chef on tv ive gotten obsessed with is rick bayless. thats just cuz i absolutely love good mexican food!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much a Food Network junkie and i know what you mean about Racheal Ray being annoying. She has a dumb laugh. But i've tried some of her recipies too and they are pretty yummy. I really like her Pasta e Fagioli. It's really yummy cold weather food :) doll is lovely. Did you know Knitty has patterns for clothes for her?
Well, i hope you are having a good day!
~Your SP

Jenny said...

hi there!
Im into blythe too!!
I chat on the

anyway Magic Pony has agreed to have a Blythe Meet in Toronto for this August (2006)..I am really excited ...
it will also be a customization workshop for interested fans

anyway i though youd like to know(and i want as many people to come as possible)
hope to see you there