Friday, April 13, 2007

Feeling Friday

With Easter and spring break and everything, all of Ruby's city and library programs have been on hold. We're all about structure here, so the last couple of weeks have been tough -- I feel like I'm free-falling. My excitement and need to escape to a parents-only trip to New York (in a few short weeks) isn't helping. So, here are a couple of uplifting pictures to help usher in the weekend.

Above, the fruits of a shoe shopping expedition yesterday. Did you know that they make a version of those fun Keds ballet flats for toddlers? They do. Keds also make a pair of amazing toddler sneakers covered in tiny rainbows, which we also picked up. Aaron's calling them Ruby's pride sneakers, as Ruby proudly supports everyone's right to love freely.

And here's a placemat for Ruby that I ordered with my last Superbuzzy fabric splurge. I don't know why, but it really makes me smile.


Lolly said...

The shoes make me smile! Adorable.
Hope you are able to get some respite... good luck :)

Eren said...

Great them so much! And chocolate, movies and thrifting in the above post? Heaven, utter heaven.