Saturday, April 07, 2007


Happy (secular) Easter! Guess where my little bunny slept last night.

We've officially moved to the realm of the big girl bed. It was a little dicey after the first hour (it probably didn't help that Aaron and I were watching Children Of Men at full volume in the next room and scarfing down delicious Indian take-out), but in the end she stayed in there for a full 10 hours. It may take Mummy a little longer than Ruby to get used to the idea of growing out of the crib though...

Happy long weekend to all. Hopefully yours won't involve as much assembly of Ikea furniture as ours has.


Eren said...

Holy cow! That is the cutest little bed I have ever seen! Where did you find it? We are in the market for big boy bed #3. Glad your Ruby has graduated and mom and dad can have more adult time.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, it hasn't given us much more time, because of her newfound ability to appear in the living room at 9 p.m., or worse, our bedroom at 2 a.m. Yep. Either way, the bed is from Ikea. She chose it herself, though it was her second choice since I refused the pink plastic eyesore that was her first.