Monday, April 16, 2007

W Is For Weekend

Ahh, the sun is shining and Ruby and I have just come in after having a snack of watermelon on the front porch. And I'm feeling relatively recharged — everyone slept through the night last night, myself included and Roo even had a short nap today. Plus we had an awesome weekend. We: slept in on Saturday morning (well, me, not the rest of the fam); actually got some writing done (again, me -- Aaron and Ruby went to the mall); celebrated our friend Annabelle's first birthday; went out for a fancy, but very bizarre Italian dinner (Roo stayed home with my parents); took a road trip an hour North to go thrifting; ate chocolates and watched movies.

The thrifting was actually Aaron's idea (I think he wanted a spring drive) and we picked up this cute little coffee service. I especially love the creamer and sugar bowl.

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tania said...

that stuff is great! ah nothing like a bit of recharging- glad you feel refreshed!