Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Waiting By The Mailbox

Ooh, it's been a stressful week so far. Lots of work (good, but leaves me with anxiety), a girl who is a little frightened of her big girl bed and a husband full of anxiousness about his own projects is leaving me a little frazzled. With the holiday and all I haven't been feeling much love from my mailman, but today he came through big.

In addition to the newest issue of Amy's Mailorder (complete with a pattern for a Raggedy Ann-ish doll!!) and a Super Buzzy order, I got a nice Swapbot package. I joined Swapbot in a fit of lack-of-mail depression and then kind of regretted it, thinking it may not be for me. I'm still not sure how many swaps I'll participate in, but the first one is turning out better than I could have dreamed. It's a newbies swap, involving little craft supplies and stationary, but my first partner, a lovely woman named Derry, really went above and beyond.

The loot is pictured up top: a nice letter, a notepad, some candy, a pen, loads of beautiful cards and stickers and a recipe for some seriously delicious looking brownies. Much more than she was obligated to send. After reading the blog, Derry also threw in these amazing doll patterns that she originally bought for her then-2-year-old daughter, who is now in her mid-20s. A Care Bear and a Blueberry Muffin, to make for Ruby. I can hardly wait to stitch them up. Thank you so much Derry, for such a thoughtful package -- I'm really touched that you took so much time to put it together.

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