Thursday, April 19, 2007

Taking The Cake

Not a lot going on in these parts: the weather has turned cruddy again and I've been feeling a bit ugh. Yesterday Ruby was off at Nana's house and I spent most of the day in the kitchen. I made the cake you see here, a delicious orange carrot bundt, from a recent issue of Canadian Living. I also made homemade pizza (dough and all), but it didn't last long enough for a picture.

In the interest of keeping some content up here before I get around to blocking and photographing my Stars And Hearts Blanket (it's done, it's done!) and it's accompanying baby hat, here's a little meme, as seen over at Hula Seventy. I don't usually do these things, but I felt like sharing.

james brown or marvin gaye?
Marvin Gaye. Though I was sad to see James go.

chinese or indian takeout? Indian all the way. At least once a week, thank you.

fleece or knitted blanket? Knitted. I have a prejudice against fleece -- probably because fleece jackets became so popular when I was in high school and I associate them with mean girls.

girls with makeup or without? I would take no make-up over too much make-up, but my preference is in-between. I love products, but only when applied with restraint.

costco or whole foods? I'd say Whole Foods, because I think I'd shop there if we had it in Canada. I don't have a Costco membership, but I do ask my parents to pick me up bulk boxes of organic mac 'n' cheese once in a while.

wildflowers or arrangements? any flowers would be welcome.

tradition or shakeups? Tradition. I resist change at all cost.

cello or trumpet? I like the cello better as an instrument, but I prefer jazz to classical.

watch-wearing or no? Never. Though I'm always desperate to know what time it is.

salt water or fresh (for swimming)? Neither. I can't swim. As for wading, I find lakes a little slimy and though I love the ocean, I'm terrified of sharks.

pants or shorts? Never shorts. Never. I wear jeans out of necessity in the winter, but skirts make up my warm weather uniform.

chatspeak or absolutely NOT? No. I'm a writer. I write in English. It bothers me even when I see "nite" or "cheeze" written out in public, so I'm not behind the lols and such.

digital camera or old-school? I love old-school but exclusively use digital.

wireless or plugged in? wireless for computer, plugged in for phone.

waltz or tango? waltz.

brian williams or anderson cooper? Peter Mansbridge.

time or newsweek? In our house its The Economist.

waterbed or mattress? Mattress!

cream and sugar or not? A little bit of skim milk, please.

CNN or BBC News? CBC. Though I have been watching CNN this week for obvious reasons.

iTunes or something else? CDs.

scented candles or unscented? neither. I don't have time to worry about candles.

prairie or mountain? I live on the cusp of both.

socks or barefoot? Barefoot. I make a lot of socks, but only wear them when I leave the house.

matt damon or ben affleck? Neither.

brass or pewter? Uh, neither.

wool or cotton? Wool to knit with, cotton to wear. Explains why I don't make a lot of adult clothing.

willow tree or pine? Willow.

gerald ford or jimmy carter? Jimmy!

france or italy? France in theory, Italy in practice. I like both kinds of food equally, though.

electric or gas stove? I prefer gas, but own electric.

thrift store or outlet? Thrift. But I do love Winners.

japanese garden or english garden? English.

sophia loren or liz taylor? Elizabeth Taylor. Forever.

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Sandra May Be Knitting A Ranch House said...

i'm totally with you on skirts. i despise wearing pants and only do so out of warmth. and there must be a way to ban shorts. like as an amendentment in the Constitution. there must be a way. . .