Thursday, May 24, 2007

Going Against The Flow

Howdy to those visiting from Sockapalooza and regards to regular readers as well. So, I'm sure you're all waiting to hear what happened after the great Go With The Flow Vs. Undulating Rib debate of last week. Okay, maybe not, but I'll tell you anyway. My sock pal will be getting a pair of...

Go With The Flow socks! I'll admit it, I was leaning towards these ones anyway because I love simple lace patterns and I love the stretchy-ness of ribby socks. Also as pretty as the Undulating Rib socks are, I was freaked out that the pattern calls for U.S. #4 needles for ultra fine yarn. To me that's just crazy. But, so many of you spoke up on behalf of the Undulating Ribs that I actually started knitting one of each (I suppose some would call this swatching). I couldn't bear using a #4 so I went down to a #3, but the weave was still just too loose for my liking and it would have been too small if I dared to go down to a #2. So, here you have it: Go With The Flow.

I do really like this pattern. A lot of lacy socks don't have the give that I like so much (especially when knitting for an unfamiliar foot), but there's a rib built in here that does the trick. The Lorna's Laces is pooling a wee bit, but in fairly uniform diagonal stripes, so I don't think it's fatal. I'm pretty much done the leg now, hoping to move onto the heel tonight if I don't fall asleep immediately after putting Ruby to bed. Everyone's been sick around here, so that's a distinct possibility.

Moving on, what I've gained this week in socks, I've lost in trees. Check out the view from my window this morning:

Actually, this doesn't do my 7:30 a.m. view justice, as a lot of the snow had melted before I got the camera out. Yes, it freakin' snowed here last night. And it broke my tree. My tree. Is broken. This really breaks my heart. I'm hoping that if we cut that branch off the old girl will survive... does anyone know if she's going to need any extra care and what I can possibly do to help her make it through this injury?


knitty_kat said...

it snowed?! Where the heck are you? I'm in Canada and it was so freaking hot here yesterday and today that people have their airconditioners on already.

The socks look really nice.

Um, the tree. Cutting the branch should do the trick. You could talk to your city, especially if it's on their property, cuz they will do it for you.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I'm in Canada too, but I'm in Calgary, which has the craziest weather ever. The problem is, it's been warm for almost a month, so all the leaves are out. Hence, when it snows, the trees get super heavy. Why anyone built a city on this spot is beyond me.

tonni said...

Wow! Snow - here in Alabama it's in the high 80's. I have knit the undulating rib socks, but did not use the suggested needle size. If you check on my blog in April, you can see the finished socks. Still haven't decided on a pattern for my sockapalooza pal.

Lorena said...

Snow? That is just crazy talk! It's MAY!! Did Mother Nature not get the memo...? ;p

Your socks look lovely; I wouldn't worry about the pooling at all. They're gorgeous just the way they are!

Carol said...

I'm doing Flow socks for my Sock pal too! I love the pattern and it's nice & stretchy.

tania said...

oh so SAD!
i am always afraid of that happeneing- i don't know what a person should do with such a thing!

Lucy said...

Nice socks man.

natty said...

hey there. i'm in your postcard swap group. can't wait to send snail mail. other than that, i'm a knitter myself but have not knitted in the past two months. WHAT! can i make as my next new project. i need a jumpstart pretty please. take care, natty xo