Friday, May 11, 2007

W.I.P. Friday: Shawl Therapy

Today was haircut day and I'm feeling like the new haircut (for Ruby, not me -- I weirdly like to grow it in the summer so I can wear it up) is ushering the summer. A friend of a friend commented the other day that Ruby looked like a mini Courtney Love. While I love La Love more than I probably should, I don't necessarily want my two-year old emulating her. So, I knew it was time for a cut.

So, crafts. I've been so irritatingly lazy. Except when it comes to my pie-wedge shawl. Ah, sweet garter stitch. I got though a big section of this while flying last week and this week I have a pile of movies to review for an upcoming film festival (the local queer film fest -- somehow I seem to have etched a career out of reviewing movies about transgendered people, curiously enough), so the garter stitch is just what the doctor ordered. I figure that by the time I get though a couple more gay and lesbian documentaries, plus the season finale of Top Model next week, this baby should be almost finished. Then I can start on my Sockapalooza socks. Once I buy the yarn, that is.

My other big W.I.P. is my garden. I don't have a green thumb. I have a lot of garden. How do you tell the difference between a weed and the start of a gorgeous perennial? Ugh.

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BB said...

Alot of the time, weeds just have a weed look to them....pointy & mean looking leaves.