Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mailbox Love

Oh, the mail has been good to me this week. It's always nice to return from a trip (which to me, always feels a little lonely) and then have your mailbox filled in the following days. One of my favourite bloggers, the lovely Ms. P announced some time ago that she was moving house and needed to rid herself of some fabric. She very kindly send me this stack of fabrics all the way from the U.K., keeping in mind my and Ruby's mutual love of pink (P has a daughter with the same girly affliction). She sent some really lovely pieces and I'm hoping they'll provide the inspiration I need to finally return to my poor neglected sewing machine. Thanks, P!

Then, I was so touched to see a little mother's day treat from my dear friend Sam, who, along with the other members of my old mother's group, is one of the reasons that I so sorely miss Toronto. She managed to find this little packet of Holiday Recipes, published in 1950 by the Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. The great thing about these cards is that they seem to predate the processed food craze of the '50s, so there's no condensed cream of mushroom soup or jello required. In fact, they're not only fun to read, but I really foresee myself making a lot of these things. Thanks, Sam, there'll be some Apricot Dainties in the mail for you before Xmas.

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