Sunday, May 13, 2007

Word To The Mothers

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there. Our MD has been a bit rocky -- Ruby walked into our room at about 5:30 this morning covered in vomit. She'd eaten a ton of Asian pork dumplings last night and I don't think they sat very well. After a dunk in the bath (it was one of those barfs that got all over her hair and into her ears) and a change of pjs she slept for another few hours in our bed and seemed fine when she woke up. But, by the time we got to the fancy restaurant we took Aaron's parents to for brunch, she was passing out on the table and running a tiny fever. She's in bed now and I'm quietly freaking out, a little irrationally fearing food poison (which would have kicked in a little more full-force by now, I'm thinking). I'm hoping she's just over tired from a night of stomach upset. Okay...

Anyway, I treated myself to some gorgeous clothes by Sabrina Butterfly Designs yesterday at a local craft show: a couple of cute tops and a pair of really wide linen cropped pants. Very nice. Do check her out if she does a show in your area. And for my mom, I baked the chocolate chip angel food cake that you see above. The glaze is a little haphazard, but I'm hoping for deliciousness.

Okay, back to worrying about my boo. Wish us luck.

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