Sunday, May 07, 2006

Chaos Ensues

Before I tell you what I've been doing this weekend, here's one of those reasons that I love where I live and am sad to leave: the gardens. People in Toronto really rock their gardens and this time of year is when the tulips sit at centre stage.

Okay, on to the chaos. Wednesday night we decided that we needed to reno our kitchen in order to sell our house, so our fridge and stove are now in our tiny living room while some friends/contractors have been working furiously to remove the gross carpet from the kitchen (yes, carpet. Made even grosser when we spilled an entire pitcher of margaritas on it a few months back) and get rid of the weird brick mac tack "wallpaper" that was up. This has not been easy for Ruby, since she doesn't really have anywhere to play and I can't cook her any of the things she likes to eat (babies aren't really conducive to take-out).

So, if that isn't chaotic enough, yesterday was our garage sale, which turned out to be an unexpected success. It was also the day that Aaron had to sod both our back garden (in which nothing was growing) and our front yard (which was covered in concrete tiles). A lot of work, no? Just to keep things interesting, Aaron decided to invite all of our friends over for a barbeque. Which he didn't tell me about. Yep, no kitchen, no living room, tonnes of work, and a dinner party. Yikes.

The up side, of course, is I got to see a lot of people that I probably won't see in a long time. The socializing continued today with a super fun breakfast and beer date and then our little friend Alice's first birthday this afternoon. A fun day indeed only slightly marred by our waking up this morning and discovering that teenagers (we're assuming) had torn the sod off our front lawn and chucked it in the street. Chaos, I tell you.

Oh, and for those of you who come strictly for the craft, I'm making surprising progress on my Retro Rib Socks. Pics to come later in the week.


tania said...

groan! what a lot of hoo ha! glad you seemed to have survived.
can't believe the kids ripped up the sod! what a nerve!! kids today!
good luck selling your place!

Ramona said...

That sucks about the sod but the flowers really are beautiful.