Monday, May 15, 2006

Green Green Grass Of Home

Yes! At last some May Project Spectrum knitting to show. When May started I thought that I'd be able to finish a pair of green socks in, say, a couple weeks, but with my life taking an interesting turn this month, I'm shocked that I managed to finish the first one by mid-month. Here is sock #1 of the Retro Ribs. I didn't take a modeling shot because these will probably end up as a gift and I don't want to advertise the fact that I've been trying them on a lot. Even though I, um, have.

And in other things green, Ruby's Nana and Poppa arrived in Toronto yesterday and gifted their precious little one a tea set. Most would thing that 15 months would be too young for a kid to understand and enjoy a beautiful tin tea set, but not our Roo. She totally understands what to do with it and pours everyone their tea and the greedily sips from her own cup. My daughter is addicted to fake tea.

And, also addicted to Indian food it seems. We celebrated Mother's Day at one of our favourite Indian spots last night and Ruby dug in. The waiter kept warning us that the food was going to be too spicy for her, but Ruby wolfed her butter chicken and chickpeas and saag paneer with gusto. And I'm pretty sure she drank the equivalent of an entire mango lasse. The waiter was so impressed he brought her some chocolate ice cream which she liked even better than the curry. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I suppose.


Emma said...

Ah, the tea set. I used to have several of them, and they were so much fun to set up and put away and play pretend-tea party with. That one is adorable!

Great job with th sock too. It's very green!

Kelly said...

love the colour of your sock.
How cute is that tea set? I only had a plastic one HUMPH! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a tea set like that for my toddler! Any idea where they got it? Adorable.