Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday

This month's Self Portrait Challenge is the theme of introduction, since SPT is officially making the shift to SPC as of yesterday. Of course, I couldn't present an introduction to myself without including the Roo. So, if you're new to Elizaboothy, welcome. My name is Elizabeth and I live in Toronto (for the time being). I spent about 10 years making my living interviewing and writing about rock stars, a career that came to a somewhat screeching halt 15 months ago when I had my daughter, Ruby. Now I try to make time to write a wee bit from home, but usually spend my free time knitting. By "free time" I mean the hour or so a day I'm not chasing my very busy toddler.

And yes keen reader, I did say "for the time being" in reference to my Toronto home. Last week Aaron was offered an amazing job in Calgary, so at the end of the month we're packing up and heading across country. I have mixed feelings about this: I'm so proud of Aaron and I'm looking forward to being closer to our families (and, I must admit, free babysitters that I can really trust), but I truly truly love Toronto, especially the neighbourhood that we live in. So, I'll try to spend some time celebrating where I live on this blog over the past month.

In knitting news, I did manage to finish my Simply Lovely Lace Socks (orange for Project Spectrum March) yesterday, making me only a day late. No pictures yet, but I'll get 'em up soon. In moments I'll be in front of the TV watching American Idol and casting on the retro rib socks from Interweave's Winter 2004 issue. In green, natch.

Oh and finally, if you check out yesterday's comments, my secret pal did reveal herself. Hee-hee, no worries Zona!


carrie said...

congrats on the big move! i'm sure it will be so nice to be close to your family, i'm sure.

P said...

wow! Calgary's certainly different, but it's still got a lot going for it. Tip when trying to move with small kids - if you can afford it, getting movers to pack for you makes it much easier... (best money we ever spent and we only moved 50 miles)

tania said...

WOW!! that is huge news!!
having your family close will be great-
toronto will miss you!

samlamb said...

Oh Elizabeth - how exciting. I can't hide that I will miss you, but it sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Thank goodness for virtual relationships - we can always keep in touch and swap knitting/toddling stories any time.


gnarly nanny said...

oh i love toronto too!!
i've never been to calgary though, and it sounds exciting... and cold.
anyhow, have fun! and i'm excited to read your upcoming toronto-centric posts, if you have time for writing them!