Friday, May 12, 2006


One thing that I'm really going to miss about Toronto (and this neighbourhood in particular) is the treats. Yummy, yummy treats. Aaron and I are both big food people and we've had a great time sampling all the various cultures that congregate in Toronto. The neighbourhood we live in has a great Portuguese chicken place, an amazing jerk chicken take-out joint, a gelato shop and not one, but two authentic French pastry shops.

The gelato is tops for us -- it's the only gelato I've had in Canada that comes close to what you get in Italy. Let's just say that we've been indulging a little more than usual since we found out about A's job. I've also been frequenting the pastry shops -- pictured here are some delicious macaroons that I've become obsessed with. I can't believe I hadn't tried them until just now. Next week I'm going to hit the Greek bakery that I've been meaning to step into for about two years now and tonight it's thin crust pizza at a local restaurant. I swear, I'm hellbent on being 10 pounds heavier when I get to Calgary.

Oh, and apologies to the amazing Jane at Yarnstorm for my pathetic macaroon photo. I couldn't even hope to reproduce the beautiful ones that she posted a few months ago. Though I do thank her for helping me remember the beauty of small indulgences like cookies and tulips.

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