Friday, November 23, 2007

America, You Crack Me Up

As I was lounging and watching Miracle On 34th Street yesterday (it was on in Martha's usual time slot -- which is my pregnancy ritual during Ruby's naptime), I was laughing every time a commercial for one of those goofy "Black Friday" doorbuster sales came on. 4 am? Really? Here our Thanksgiving is in early October, so our Christmas shopping season just slowly drifts in after Halloween. There's no "on your marks, get set" kind of day. In some ways, this fills me with relief, in others, I'm kind of jealous of your opening the floodgates mentality. Either way, Happy Yanksgiving.

(Random picture of Ruby inventing a craft for her Nana's birthday party. It's basically smiley face confetti stuck on the end of birthday sparklers in a bouquet)

1 comment:

tania said...

ha! i know! its so wierd that shopping thing.. 4 am got me too- WHY!!
i like ruby's invented craft!