Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Book: Boho Baby Knits

Usually when book titles include words like "boho," "groovy" or "cool," they're anything but. So, I approached Kat Coyle's new book Boho Baby Knits: Groovy Patterns For Cool Tots with hope, but also with a fair bit of trepidation. Surprisingly, these knits are everything the title promises: cute, stylish and yes, really cool, while still being kid-appropriate. For years Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits For Tots has been my go-to for Ruby knits (mainly because it was gifted to me right before her birth and it's the only kids knitting book I actually own), but I think Boho Baby Knits has bumped it to become my new handbook for knits for my kids.

Like I said, the best part about this book is that the patterns are stylish, but not in that "my kid is cooler than your kid" kind of way. I for one could never imagine dressing my kids in the precious pastels that dominate so many of the more genteel pattern books -- these are for real kids who like to have fun. The book is divided into patterns that fall into various categories of cool: At The Cafe (which features a pretty eyelet skirt, a very handy nursing shawl, cute dolls and a boyish boatneck sweater); At The Bookstore (amazing lace fairy wings, an adorably over-the-top "poet coat", and a super cute knit picture book); At The Gallery (Picasso-inspired lounge pants, a mobile and, of course, a beret); and my fave, At The Concert (a honky-tonk jacket, Cheap Trick-inspired checkered leggings, and a band t-shirt). While there is some whimsy (I'm dying to make the Poet's Coat, but I doubt I ever will get to it), most of this stuff is really functional, which is a big plus.

I also appreciate that Kat has included plenty of boys' knits (she has a son herself), which will come in handy, since we found out that Frank will indeed be a boy. I really want to make him the Modernist Stripe Sleep Sacque before he makes his appearance and I think I can probably churn it out between Christmas and his March due date. There are also cute vests and socks and sweaters and soakers that are all very boy appropriate, plus a few skirts and dresses (not to mention those fairy wings!) for the girly girls. I really think I'm going to have a lot of fun with his book -- I just have to wait until my holiday crafting is over to really sink my teeth into it.

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