Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: Wardrobe

Dressing a baby bump is hard. Maternity clothes rarely fit well, and are often super expensive. I found one store with lovely stuff -- but really, I am not paying $300 for a pair of mat jeans. Really.

So, usually you can find me schlubbing around in a pair of Old Navy medium mat. jeans -- and when jeans come in small, medium and large, you can't expect a good fit. Especially when you're working the elastic waist. Luckily, there is an alternative for me this time out, at least for the first six or seven months. For some reason, the young, thin ladies of the world are finding it fashionable to wear really loose clothes this season. Clothes that look like maternity wear. Clothes that you can throw on with a pair of leggings and pass off as maternity wear. Clothes that are allowing me to actually feel halfway fashionable.

This number is an H&M dress, not to be found in their relatively cruddy mat. section, but in their "junior trendsetters" or whatever they call it there. And, at about five months along, I still have a lot of room to fill out this sucker. With boots, a pair of leggings and a houndstooth sweater coat, I actually look kind of mod. Like a pregnant mod, but mod still. Thank you, young ladies of the fashion world for covering up your bodies so that I can show mine off in style.


Jeremy Stockwell said...

Love this one. Great shape. The stripes show it off nicely. Congrats on expecting.

jenica said...

haha! this is fantastic! i just had a baby and felt the same way. and since i still have the post-baby bump, i am also so grateful for skinny girls in flowing fabrics!

Veronique said...

It looks so cute on you! And now I know I was right when I thought those loose tops look like maternity clothes :) At least I haven't had anyone congratulate me while wearing one...

Sarah said...

I lucked out 15 years ago when the baby doll dresses were so hip. Cute look for you!

Rebekah said...

Nice find & great photo!

I'm with you - I wanted to feel somewhat fashionable when preggo, but could not bring myself to spend all that money on maternity clothes.

nicole said...

you are definitely mod, even if it is pregnant mod it is adorable!

Vanessa said...

your pregnant style rocks!

laura from coconutannies said...

SWEET! Love the constrast with background and stripes! Congrats on bump!

gkgirl said...

i SO wish the style had been
like that when i was pregnant
and then perhaps
i would not have been forced
to wear the damn
pink sailor suit short set
in the middle of july


your pic is super cute!

Vedrana M. said...

oh, beautiful! :)