Monday, November 19, 2007

Handmade By Other Hands

So, I'm actually feeling pretty confident about my Christmas shopping. Now, in the olden days, I never started shopping until December 1. But, as I grow (larger and older), I've felt the need to start earlier and earlier. The reasons are many. First off, kids want certain things from Santa. These things often sell out of stores fast. You can not explain to a three-year-old that the elves sold out. So, you buy in October if you're reasonably sure the little one isn't going to change his/her mind. Secondly, as extended families grow older, they tend to scatter throughout the world. The post is not a particularly efficient system this time of year. Gifts must be sent at least a month in advance (and that's when you're willing to shell out for airmail. The surface deadline overseas is somewhere in October). And thirdly, I like to give handmade or unique gifts. Which means either making stuff or sniffing through Etsy and the craft fairs like a pig for truffles.

On that note, I don't have a ton of time to make stuff this year, what with our vacation coming up and the creature growing in my belly, so I'm letting others do a lot of the work for me. I've been on Etsy like mad (again, the whole issue of the post comes up) and the craft fairs here all seem to be happening, like, this week. Most of the stuff I've picked up can't be discussed or shown on such a public forum (what's Christmas without secrets?), but aside from Ruby's much coveted Snow White doll, I'm trying to stay away from the whole made-in-China thing. Here's something, I can show you, a super-cute little bunny necklace for Aaron's cousin, from TV Tray Art. Cute, no? There's another big craft fair this week and I'm hoping to pick up some ornaments. Since American Thanksgiving is only days away, I'm ready for the Christmas flood gates to open (as if they haven't already).

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