Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cookie Confidential... Part Three

Oh my, I am exhausted. Between Leena's birthday party yesterday, Aaron's work Christmas Party the night before (yes, in the middle of November it was a fun time, but not very Xmas-y) and more family fun today, I'm ready to keel over. Needless to say, the cookie baking has slowed this week. In fact, it may soon be grinding to a halt -- nine batches in, I barely have any room in my freezer. But, I did manage to do some production since we last spoke cookies.

Earlier this week I did a pan of yummy lemon bars, but did not photograph them, since they just look like some lemon curd on a shortbread crust. You've seen it before. The recipe I used (I think it was from last year's Chatelaine Christmas baking special, I don't remember) called for more lemon juice than I had, but they still turned out to be sour to the point of puckering, which I kind of like. I'm craving sour these days -- so if they're too sour for others, I'll be the crazy pregnant lady scarfing them down.

I also made about 150 of the Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies from the current issue of Chatelaine, which are delicious. Of all the cookies I've made, these are the first ones that I think will become a family gotta-make-em every year classic. They just taste like Christmas. Ginger-y and full of molasses, they have just a few chocolate chips in there for an extra surprise. There are the kind of cookies worthy of leaving out for Santa. Ruby is pleased.

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