Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Lazy Organic

So, we started doing something a couple of months ago that has revolutionized our lives. And I mean it, really revolutionized. For years I've been toying with the idea of organic grocery delivery, but have always worried about the logistics of getting a big box of produce dropped off every week. I know that some services don't give you much choice in what you get, and while I like the idea of only eating local produce, Western Canada doesn't always offer a huge choice of bounty, especially in the winter months. Basically, I didn't want to be stuck with a ten pound box of onions every week. Anyway, we found a service that offers local and non-local produce (ie: year-round avocados!) and also does organic dry goods like breads and snacks and the like. Every week a big box of food (pre-approved by me -- no surprises) arrives on our doorstep and it's made me so much happier.

Less trips to the grocery store. Less having to rely on my local Safeway's terrible produce selection (they rarely have limes. Or zucchini). More organic. Plus, I feel like I have to use everything by the end of the week (except the long shelf life stuff like potatoes and onions), so it's forcing our family to eat more fruit and veg. Which is good, seeing as I'm in the family way and all. It'll be especially great when the baby comes because I'm pretty maniacal about only using organic to make my baby food, so this will make it that much easier.

See, our family doesn't survive on cookies alone. Honest.

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lamb-things said...

Your knitting talents continue to amaze me, I love your hat.