Friday, November 09, 2007

Christmas Mania

I swear I don't steer Ruby towards my all-encompassing obsession with Christmas. I swear. But look what she dug out yesterday and insists on wearing constantly, even though she can barely squeeze her feet into them. Her baby Rudolph slippers. She says it's almost Christmas time (could it be the constant aroma of baking cookies?) and she needs her slippers.

Oh boy. Also, as with most years, I'm trying my best to buy local/handmade this year, and while I've certainly poured some cash into the Etsy economy already, Ruby's gift from Santa will indeed be made in China. By Disney, no less. From the Princess line. I know, I know. Well over a month ago, Ruby and I were strolling through a department store, when she caught sight of this. We've since been back and Ruby runs up to it, points, and says "This is what I'm asking Santa for." Yesterday she pointed to the corner of our living room and said "That's where our tree is going to go. We're going to leave Santa cookies and he's going to come in and eat the cookies and leave my Snow White doll under the tree." The Snow White doll has come up in conversation at least a dozen times this week. And this is a kid who doesn't forget.

Luckily, after searching through three stores that were sold out of said dolls, I finally found one lone doll at Walmart (I know, I know). But it's part of the magic of Christmas. Even though it hurt to hand over my money to the big box people, I know a little girl who will be grateful to Santa for a long, long time.

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