Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Books: Fun Dolls and Cute Dolls

Okay, these are some books to get excited about. I was so happy to see Aranzi Aronzo's Cute Dolls and Fun Dolls books. I love the previously released English versions of the Aranzi Aronzo books, but the projects in them were all "mascot" versions of the characters, which were felt and only inches high. I wanted some real softie action! These books, filled with patterns for doll-sized stuffies, are both awesome. The projects are super super easy, really cute and wonky enough to look good even if you're not a perfect sewer (i.e. me).

The projects in Cute dolls are your standard Aranzi Aronzo cast of characters: bunnies, bears, monkeys, cats and faves like The Bad Guy and The Liar. Fun Dolls is even better, with totally crazy little guys like Silky Kay (pictured on the cover), a sad little donkey, a pig, cars and coffee mugs. Like I said, they're all easy peasey to make and can usually be whipped together with things you have lying around the house: small amounts of fabric, old towels, t-shirts, whatever. Which means you can make gifts that are hand-made and recycled.

I've already tried my hand at a couple projects: (do NOT click this link if you are related to me, I mean it) this guy is a Christmas gift and I'm also almost done a Bunny Bug from the Fun Dolls book (pictures later this week). They're addictive and easy to personalize, so even if you don't follow the pattern to the letter there's a lot of potential in these books. Expect many more projects from these babies in the future.

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