Monday, November 05, 2007

Bye Bye Love

This week, we lost a member of our family. No, don't worry, no one died, but we decided that we had to put our beloved BMW (who goes by the name Remy) to rest.

Or, actually, Remy made the decision for us. He's Aaron's car and since Aaron went on a crazy road trip earlier this fall to buy a rust-free version of Remy in Phoenix (yes, Arizona. Yes, that's a very long way to drive a late '80s model car), Remy has been sitting idle in front of our house. The plan was to drive Jefferson (the new BMW) until the end of October and then store him in the garage. Remy would be our winter car, the one that we didn't mind getting pelted with snow and salt, since his poor body was already so rusty.

The problem is, Remy didn't want to be our winter car. He didn't want to zip around in the cold weather. He just wanted to rest.

When Aaron got back from Vegas last week he went to start old Remy up, the old boy coughed a little and then gave up. Since both the purchase of Remy himself and Jefferson has been a very contentious issue in our home (I'm not going into it), we decided that it wasn't worth the money to try and get him fixed. Hence, Remy will donate his organs to sustain the lives of other BMWs, and Jefferson will become our year round car.

Goodbye Remy. Even though I protested your existence, you served our family well for the year and a half that we knew you. Rest in peace.

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carrie said...

oh, this is so sad! i'm really attached to my car, too, so i get it.