Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dishcloth Dish #2

Okay, so I know that dishcloths aren't the most exciting knitted items to look at, but I'm actually quite enjoying them. I think I've mentioned this before, but I sort of love the crazy variegated colours that Sugar and Cream comes in. Maybe I'm just telling myself this so I can embrace the cheap yarn. Either way, though I haven't been living up to my promise of knitting three dishcloths before picking up a new project, I have been chugging along. Also, because we'll be going on a last minute vacation a couple of weeks before Christmas, I'll be missing some planned holiday parties, so I have a few less hostess gifts to knock off.

Above, another of the Banana Boat cloths from Lion Brand's Just Gifts. Every time I do this pattern I think I should be making it bigger, but then I don't. I do like the double coloured slipped-stitch pattern though and this one is a little more mindless than the Mason-Dixon Ball Band cloth.

Next, something called Kitchen Cotton Dishcloth from the good old Dishcloth Boutique. It's basically two rows of garter, then two rows of 1by1 rib. Easy peasey and textured enough to scrub.

And finally, the Short Row Dishcloth, also form DB. I like this one -- it was really fun to knit, but I refuse to ever knit another dishcloth with a seam. It's jut silly.

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tania said...

i think they're great- so utilitarian and i love the varigated ones!