Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Warm And Fuzzies

So, after much ado, I finally finished Veronik Avery's Short-Row-Hat, which appeared as a web exclusive on the Interweave website a couple years back. I missed this pattern when it first appeared (I was birthin' a baby around that time), but discovered it recently when puttering around on Ravelry. It's such a lovely knit and it was nice to truly challenge myself with something I'd never really tried before. This one's been sitting idle for a few weeks (damn that finishing), but after seeing Wendy's recently finished hat, I decided to finish this guy off. Here are the specs:

Short-Row Hat by Veronik Avery (from Interweave webknits)
Yarn: Ami-Ami Faith in red/black/white/camel
Needle: U.S. #7 straight
Mods: I found the finishing rather wonky, so rather than picking up 32 stitches at the end to close the crown, I picked up about 14 and knit two together until I was down to three stitches for the i-cord.

I love this hat. It was hard for me to get the hang of it, but after frogging the first section about three times, I just went for it. I'm not convinced that I got it totally right (I always had a few stray stitches that I had to fudge), but it looks right, and that's what matters. In a rare move on my part, I actually used the suggested yarn, which I had to mail order. Because the way the colours play out is so unique, I thought this was a good choice and while my colourway is a lot more varied than the one used in the sample photo, I think it worked pretty well. I think this would work well in Noro too. Wendy used Silk Garden and while she lamented that her hat turned out pretty big, even with the suggested yarn, mine turned out plenty big and I have a really large head. All in all a very successful project. Hooray!


Ramona said...

The hat is adorable. I have always wanted to knit that pattern.

samlamb said...

Great hat - and I totally love the pic of you in it and the red coat!