Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SPC: Wardrobe Week #2

I broke down and bought a maternity winter coat. I'm weirdly stubborn about not spending a lot of money on mat clothes. As much as I very much want this baby, I think I'm in denial over the fact that I'm entering the final four months of my pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Ruby (who was a February baby, so the pregnancy followed a similar time line to this one) I refused to buy a winter coat. I instead borrowed an a-line dress coat from my mother. Because of the a-line cut, it fit over my belly, but I felt ridiculous wearing this huge swinging coat everywhere I went. As I road the streetcar and subway to work I really looked like a Dickens-esque street urchin -- it was very silly. To make matters worse, I just looked large, not pregnant, so I couldn't even get people to give up their seats on transit when I really needed them. It was not one of my finer moments in fashion.

I was going to try to get away with sassy sweater coats this time, but I've come to terms with the fact that I now live in Calgary, not Toronto, and it gets colder here. Plus, as my friend Kathy gently pointed out the other day, even though I'm due mid-March, I will probably need a winter coat here through April and, ahem, I may still be wearing mat. clothes through the spring (she just gave birth to her second child a couple of weeks ago, so she's entitled to make such observations). So, I saw this number in the Old Navy maternity section the other day and I returned to the mall yesterday to buy it. Because it's Old Navy, it was, like, $50. Which means it's also not the warmest thing in the world, but it'll do. It's cute and the lining has deers on it. That's good enough for me.

See more self portraits here.


MLB said...

I like it!
I hated to spend any money on maternity wear!!


Vicki said...

When I was 9 months pregnant and on my way home from work, via the OBGYN's after being sent home for bed rest I still couldn't get a seat on the TTC. Trust me it wasn't the coat.

I like yours though!

Miriam said...

I can relate to this. Though the final months were in the heat of summer for me, in Kansas...I was really weird about buying maternity clothes. Just thrifty I guess! I like the coat! If I had it to do over I'd buy more clothes...you deserve it!