Monday, November 12, 2007

Spherey The Third

Oh, predictable me. A baby is born and I turn to the Jess Hutch book Unusual Toys For You To Knit And Enjoy. Again. This here is Spherey, the third, which was finished just hours before we met its recipient, a tiny little gal named Stella. I started knitting this for a little friend named Lilly, who was born way back in August, but then Stella appeared and needed a welcome gift. Since the colours worked (with Stella being a girl and all), off it went. I'm going to try to make Lilly a Dolly to send off before Christmas, since I don't think I have any Spherey mojo left in me.

And here's Spherey the Third with Spherey The Second, who is still waiting for his recipient to be born (unless the child is being born as we speak -- it has been a couple days since I spoke to the mama-to-be). I must say, that Jess Hutch booklet is getting good use -- did you know that one just sold on ebay for over $200? That's so crazy. But I ain't parting with mine. So don't ask. There's too many babies in these parts for me to part with it.

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Grace said...

Aww they're both so cute and they look so happy! You did a really great job on their faces. A Spherey seems like the perfect baby gift.